Chicken satay recipe

Chicken satay recipe

Foods editor Barney starts his cooking with little ones series- 1st off, Barney and his daugher Maisie make chicken skewers with peanut sauce

Nutrition and extra data

Nutrition: per skewer


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For the cucumber salad

  • 1 cucumber
  • two tbsp white wine vinegar
  • one tbsp golden caster sugar
  • sweet chilli sauce (optional)
  • bunch coriander, leaves picked (optional)

Kids the creating in bold is for you. GROWN-UPS the rest is for you. Make a yummy marinade. Peel the ginger and support them to finely grate it and tip it into a bowl. Repeat with the garlic and lime zest. Halve the lime and get your kid to juice it, then combine it in a bowl with the honey, soy, curry powder and peanut butter. Get them to give it a great mix, adding a modest splash of water if it’s also stiff, then support them spoon two-thirds of the combine into a little pan. Set aside for Stage four.

Now for some chicken bashing! Place the chicken in the sandwich bag, a single breast at a time, acquiring your child to flatten each and every a single with a rolling pin or a meat mallet – this isn’t vital, but they like doing it.

Mix the chicken with the marinade you created. Lower the chicken into strips, tip it into the remaining third of the peanut-butter combine, then get your kid to stir effectively. Cover with cling movie and chill right up until essential. This can be accomplished up to three hrs ahead.

Cook your tasty sauce. Even though the chicken is marinating, pour the coconut milk into the pan and get your little one to stir with each other with the peanut butter mix. The sauce needs to be heated gently and stirred – ideal for confident seven- or eight-year olds, under rigid adult supervision.

‘Sew’ the chicken onto the skewers. The chicken needs to be threaded into ‘S’ shapes onto the skewers. Get your child to thread the skewers away from themselves, being careful of the sharp points. Younger ones might discover this a small fiddly, so they could just push on tiny chunks.

Paint the tray with oil and cook the chicken. Heat the grill to higher and get your kid to brush a baking tray with oil. They can then line up the skewers on the tray. Grill the skewers for about 10 mins, turning sometimes, till lightly charred.

Make cucumber ribbons with a peeler. Using a swivel-blade peeler, get your kid to peel the cucumber into a bowl, then carry on peeling the cucumber flesh into ribbons until finally they get to the seeds. Repeat with each and every side of the cucumber.

Mix a dressing for the cucumber. Get your little one to combine the vinegar and sugar until finally the sugar dissolves – explain what dissolves implies. Add the sweet chilli, if using, then pour over the cucumber. Add coriander if your youngster likes it, or serve on the side for the grown-ups. To serve, place the skewers on a platter, the sauce and salad in bowls, and serve with rice and lime wedges on the side.

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