Homemade kettle corn

Homemade kettle corn

When I was in college, I worked nights at a restaurant as a server and bartender. I was fortunate to have nearly all weekends off. But a few occasions a year, an artwork festival would be in town for the weekend and bring crowds of people. I would volunteer to perform lunch shifts during the art festivals due to the fact I knew I would make a ton of money. But people shifts had been brutal! I would have a minimum of twelve tables at any given time. twelve! On a standard shift I would have at most five or 6. Plus, there was no busser and no bartender. You had to bus your tables and make your drinks oneself.

If you’ve ever been a server, you most likely just had a mini heart assault studying that.

For about five hours I would be at virtually a dead sprint, attempting to not appear to sweaty, balancing 5 diverse plates of foods, operating about making my drinks and clearing off my tables. Individuals shifts would wipe me out. It’s been years, but I still have nightmares about individuals days. Real, actual nightmares in which I’ll have forgotten a tables appetizers and they’re yelling at me.

There had been only two constructive aspects to these shifts.

one. I would make almost $400 in a weekend.

two. At the art festival, there would constantly be a booth set up that was generating and selling fresh kettle corn popcorn. At the end of my shift, I would stroll across the street and acquire the biggest bag of kettle corn they sold, and consume it for dinner.

Back then, when fresh kettle corn wasn’t readily offered, and obtaining a bag of it at the finish of the day created the total shift worth it. But now, I’ve discovered the secret for delightful, homemade kettle corn I can make in my very own kitchen. All you need is four substances and a massive pot with a lid.

I love kettle corn. Actually, I Love kettle corn. Bold and in all caps. I love kettle corn so much, that if we’re going to see a film I will beg Shawn to drive to the film theater that is an extra twenty minutes away just because they promote kettle corn there. Nothing at all can beat that salty and sweet combination.

It’s actually a tiny dangerous that I know how to make kettle corn at residence, since now at any offered time I’m only ten minutes away from a freshly made batch. I make it a ton. And right after creating it so many instances, I’ve come up with a number of tricks to make certain it turns out excellent, and clean up is a breeze.

Biggest tip is to drop in a couple of corn kernels to the oil as quickly as you flip on the heat. As soon as those kernels pop, you know the oil is at the right temperature. Then it’s time to include all the kernels and the sugar. Shake the pan consistently, and as quickly as the popping noises slow down, it’s time to consider it off the heat.

To stay away from a soreness-in-the-butt clean up of all the caramelized sugar, use a non stick pot, and put a piece of parchment paper among the opening and the lid. Believe in me, you’ll be thanking me large time when you’re not possessing to scrape all the sugar off the lid.

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