Southern recipes

Southern recipes

Have you observed it? Pimento cheese popping up on everything from Ritz crackers to burgers. Fried green tomatoes sneaking into your BLT. A sudden craving for cheese grits. As undeniable as the rising temperatures, the cooks of America are going crazy for the South lately.

The cuisine of the American South lends itself completely to summer time cooking. Nearly each recipe in this assortment tastes better in the sunshine, with excellent buddies, an icy beverage and preferably lawn video games.

Now, please never throw things at us! There is no way to comprehensively say that these are the very best recipes of Southern cuisine. To decide on definitive favorites would be practically impossible. And we know that some of these suggestions are not absolutely classic or genuine. But that is what we really enjoy about Southern cooking: due to the fact it is a uniquely American style that is nevertheless evolving, we get to continuously attempt modern day tweaks on traditional favorites.

So, once more, Southerners, ex-pats and and other warriors of culinary authenticity — please put the rotten tomatoes down. We would be crazy to say that we know best, but right here are a number of of the issues we cannot end consuming and consuming thanks to the South.

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